Supplier Identification and Quotation Service

Finding the right supplier is the single most important step of your import program.

  • No amount of QC can fix a bad supplier.
  • No amount of project management can turn a bad supplier into a good one.
  • But if you find the right supplier upfront, you will have fewer headaches in your supply chain.
  • It’s easy to get a quote from a bunch of suppliers, but not all buyers have the time and skills needed to conduct a professional RFQ (request for quotation) process, picking the best factory on the list and negotiate a good price.


China Sourcing Service Center

Finding the right supplier is the single most important step in the sourcing process.


Supplier Research includes:

  • Easy to understand “apples-to-apples” comparison of suppliers’ pricing
  • Analysis and ranking of actual suppliers based on your price, quality, and lead time criteria
  • Contact details (phone, fax, email, and web site)
  • Business size, scope and production capabilities
  • Assessment of factory’s English language capability






What makes our Supplier Identification service special?

Direct to the source!

Great variation in price, quality, and production ability exists among suppliers. Many trading companies pretend to be factories.

Our service was created to help clients avoid middlemen and find the right suppliers based on the client’s particular requirements for price, quality, order size and lead times.

Total transparency, aligned interests, simple flat fee!

Client is given full disclosure of the research findings and seller’s information such as contact details and pricing. There are no commissions in any form given by suppliers to our team, nor do we ask for a commission from the client. Our interest is aligned solely with the client and research work is conducted for a flat fee.


Time frame and Fees for the Supplier Identification Service

Time frame/fees depends on the following:

  • Order size: Small orders are harder to find interested suppliers and project may take more time than usual.
  • Customization: Simple “off the shelf” products are easier to source than high-customized items.
  • Distribution Level:  Factory Direct requires more research than sourcing at wholesale or retail level.
  • Number of Projects:  We charge a fixed fee per production classification.  For example, if you wanted to buy plastic flowers and ceramic flower pots, most likely the factory that makes flowers, doesn’t make flower pots. So that’s 2 sets of research to identify factories. But if your volume isn’t large enough to go factory direct, then perhaps we can help you find a wholesaler in China who can provide both items. In that case- it’s just 1 research project.

For your reference:

It’s hard to find factories that accept very small order sizes. So small-volume purchases are best directed toward the wholesale or even retail level in China. If the product is highly-customized, then going factory direct may be the only option, but it is very hard to convince a factory to work on a small highly-customized order.  Our fees reflect the complexity.

  • Easy Projects:  USD 850

Research projects that involve a small order of an “off the shelf” product, purchased at wholesale/retail level  can usually be completed in a few weeks.

  • Normal: USD 1,250

Research projects that involve a medium/large order of off the shelf” products  purchased factory-direct can usually be completed in a few weeks.

  • Hard: USD 3,250

Most research for Factory-direct small orders and/or highly customized orders can be completed in 2 months.


Getting Started

Contact us with the details of your product, your expected order size and level of customization. We’ll introduce the endorsed service provider and they will present you with a formal quotation and service agreement for your consideration.


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