Sourcing Agents and Project Management

Sourcing Agents

The sourcing agent recommended by CSSC is affordable & honest, with over 20 years of engineering, project management and product development experience.  Based full-time in South China since 2003,  he helps clients find and manage suppliers in China & Vietnam.

He only take on a few new projects each month as the agent will personally be involved in every aspect of the sourcing to ensure the clients receive the best price, quality, lead-time and service.

This agent charges a small upfront fee to review the project and create a strategy to achieve the client’s desired goals. Once the strategy is in place, a commission (between 3 and 10%) is applied to the value of goods or services he is managing on your behalf.  The larger the project, the smaller the commission.


Supplier Identification and Price Research

Need help finding a good supplier in China? Having trouble getting an accurate quote or making a professional comparison among potential vendors? It’s true, Chinese get a lower price from Chinese factories. Put our Chinese researcher and negotiators to work for you! Flat fee. No hidden commissions or factory kickbacks!

Visit Supplier Identification & Quote Research service page for service details and fee structure. Fees range from 850 USD to 3250 USD depending on the complexity of the research.

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