Intellectual Property Protection & Monitoring

Advanced IP Monitoring

After your IP is registered, how to monitor the supplier to ensure your IP is being respected?     At periodic times during the year, investigators will look for infringement via the supplier’s website and online profiles/ review domestic and international web directories known as hot beds for counterfeits/ visit the factory and trade show booths/ monitor the patent office for the registration of competing patents/ + additional techniques that can be disclosed with the client in private.

Fees depend on the complexity of the project but start at 488 USD for the basic package.

Black Box Manufacturing

Due to Intellectual Property concerns, buyers can be hesitant to give a Chinese supplier too much information about assembly specifications, packaging & branding. Solution: Semi-finished goods or components can be shipped to the assembly & inspection center where inspection, final assembly and/or custom packaging is performed under a secure US-managed system but at local labor rates. While the client has total visibility as to the identity and pricing points of all entities in the supply chain, the “Black Box” keeps the suppliers at arm’s length from sensitive information. Shipping costs are reduced through freight consolidation and quality control issues are dealt with on-the-spot long before the item is shipped out of China.

A full warranty is provided and every assembly/inspection project utilizes an industry-leading, bi-lingual, ISO compliant, “Product Quality Manual (PQM)” which defines in intimate detail the quality standards, inspection methods and the assembly process.

This service is provided by PassageMaker.  Please visit their short welcome video for more information. Here is a link to the black box assembly service.

Tool & Die Steward

Most buyers of customized products manufactured in Asia are wise enough to contractually own their tools and dies. But how to ensure proprietary tooling is not being used supply the competition? What happens if the supplier goes out of business and tooling is liquidated before you are aware of the situation? Is tooling being maintained and stored professionally?   The Tool & Die Steward looks after your molds, tooling, jigs and such by storing them at a secure facility between production runs at your factory.

This service is provided by PassageMaker.  Please visit their short welcome video for more information. Here is a link to the Tool & Die Steward.

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