Consultants and Advisory Services

Freelance Advisors

CSSC Certified Sourcing Advisors™ make themselves available up to 4 hours each month for conference calls and/or email communication at a set time each week, but they don’t get involved in actually managing the vendors for you.

Retaining a CSSC Certified Sourcing Advisors™ is the ideal option when you are willing to do the heavy lifting of project management, but want a seasoned China advisor on your team.     At a minimum, CSSC Certified Sourcing Advisors™:

are based in China full time, native speakers of English, Spanish, French and Portuguese (at time of writing).

have significant and relevant business experience

graduated from the China Sourcing Academy with honors

have trained under the direct supervision of China Sourcing Academy (CSA) founders

Fees range from $500 to 2500 USD per month, depending on experience of the advisor

Factory Process Improvement Consulting

Do you want your manufacturer to improve significantly, be it in quality, capacity, or cost? They will probably  have to upgrade their systems and processes. Unfortunately, few manufacturers in China try to learn from best practices in or outside their industry.

Solution: A team of consultants train middle managers and operators in the new approach and provide them technical guidance along the way. Here are a couple of examples:

Applying Lean manufacturing tools and techniques has allowed typical Chinese factories to reduce their variable costs by 20-60%.

Implementing a preventive maintenance program to accompany automation ensures the new equipment stays up as expected.

China Value Added Tax (VAT) Structuring

Many companies manufacturing in China are not yet aware of the intricacies of who or what is eligible for a VAT rebate, and when. This is especially true for companies who’re outsourcing their manufacturing to a local partner, or buying components or materials from local suppliers. These local partners and suppliers may gain the VAT rebate for themselves, not passing on the saving to you and thereby increasing your costs and that of your customers.

If you don’t know the VAT rebate amount, then you don’t really know your vendor’s true pricing.  Expert consultants can advise on a strategy that fits your business. Please watch their short welcome video for details on service and fee structure.  Follow this link ( for information on the VAT consultancy, their fees and methodology.

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