Endorsed Service Providers & Their Fees

Getting Started

This comprehensive document lists all the available services and fees offered by our endorsed service providers.  After reviewing the list, simply contact CSSC for an introduction to the service provider.  To ensure an accurate introduction, when contacting CSSC, please list the specific service you need using the exact service titles as found in red on the list below. Once introduced, communication/invoicing/provision of service will be handled directly between you and the service provider.

We are able to provide the introductions free of charge thanks to the occasional donations from the service providers and the people we help.  Those donations help cover the costs of our website and publications but are not required.

Full List of Services Provided by the CSSC’s Endorsed Service Providers


CSSC uses reasonable care and skill and employs methods it considers appropriate to select or remove companies on our endorsed service providers list. As the service providers’ levels of service and pricing may be subject to variance over time, in requesting an introduction to a service provider via this website, the parties agree to indemnify CSSC & its staff from any and all possible claims for loss, damage or expense of any nature resulting from the cooperation between the introduced parties.  CSSC shall have no liability for any indirect or consequential loss (including loss of profits).

If for some reason you are not fully satisfied with the service of the introduced service providers, please contact CSSC immediately so that we can look into the situation and remove the provider if they are no longer offering professional services.


Note on Currency / Services Provided

  • Fees are listed in RMB but usually payable directly to the service provider in a currency of your choice at the day’s exchange rate.
  • The exact fee structure and details of the service should be negotiated between the introduced parties.

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