Customized Advisory Services in China

Retaining a Certified Sourcing Advisor is the ideal option when you are willing to do the heavy lifting of project management but want a seasoned China advisor on your team.
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China Based Certified Sourcing Advisors 2

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At a minimum, Certified Sourcing Advisors are:

  • Based in China full time
  • Native speakers of English, Spanish, French or Portuguese (at time of writing)
  • Seasoned sourcing veterans with significant and relevant business experience
  • China Sourcing Academy graduates with honors
  • Trained under the direct supervision of China Sourcing Academy founders

Certified Sourcing Advisors make themselves available up to 4 hours each month for conference calls and/or email communication at a set time each week, but they don’t get involved in actually managing the vendors for you. But that can be outsourced as well!  Visit here to learn more about our certified advisors and outsourced manpower.

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