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CSSC founder, Mike Bellamy, explains the history and vision behind the service center:

“Back in 2011 I wrote a book called “The Essential Reference Guide to China Sourcing” (available here and on Amazon) and created a serious of video tutorials at The China Sourcing Academy.     Visiting with my readers and students it became clear that many China projects were ending in failure because the wrong partners were selected for sourcing agents, logistics, inspections and legal support.

In order to help introduce legitimate, affordable & professional service providers to my readers and students, I offered to share my internal list of endorsed service providers.  This PDF list was made up of companies that I felt comfortable introducing to my readers because these service providers successfully supported me at some point during my 20 year career in Asia.

As the list grew and became more refined, we realized it would be easier to manage in the form of a website and I decided to make the list open to the public.  Once it went public, other trade directories and major websites like Tradesparq, began linking to the CSSC as a resource for their networks.

I’m very proud that each year 1000’s of international buyers are introduced to professional service providers via our website. We are able to provide the introductions free of charge thanks to the occasional donations from the service providers and the people we help.  Those donations help cover the costs of our website and publications but are not required.

I personally review each and every service provider on my list.  But if for some reason you are not fully satisfied with their services, please contact me immediately so that I can look into the situation and remove the provider if they are no longer offering professional services.

I hope you find this website of value!

Best regards,

Mike Bellamy


About Mike

Originally from Upstate New York, Mike moved to Asia in 1993 and is a China business adviser to both Fortune 500 companies and small businesses.

China sourcing

Here is what the Financial Times has to say about Mike.

Recognized as an expert on China sourcing, Mike has been interviewed by:Mike in the press

A featured presenter on China business issues at seminars, trade shows and corporate events across the globe, Mike is the author of “The Essential Reference Guide to China Sourcing”. The courses he teaches at the China Sourcing Academy substantially expand upon concepts introduced in his guide book.

Mike Bellamy offering a tutorial on China sourcing to 300 professional buyer at a conferences in Miami.

Mike Bellamy offering a tutorial on China sourcing to 300 professional buyer at a conferences in Miami.

Mike founded a boutique sourcing agency in China with 1 employee and 1 client back in 2002. Today he leads the PassageMaker Group and at one time he was responsible for managing a 200 million USD supply chain of goods flowing from China to the world.

Mike received a double degree in Diplomacy and Economics in Washington DC and went on to gain an International MBA from the University of South Carolina, which included a year of full-time graduate level courses in China.

As a young man, Mike spent two years as a Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholar studying Japanese factory management and quality control in Tokyo and Osaka. Later he studied the Chinese language in Manchuria and Beijing.

Mike reads, writes and speaks Chinese. He currently spends Spring/Fall in Shenzhen, Winters in Thailand and Summers at the family cottage in the Finger Lakes region of New York State. Born 1972. Asia-based since 1993 with wife and 2 daughters.

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