3rd Party 100% Inspection & Customization

Best 3rd Party Inspection, Assembly and Packaging Service in ChinaWhen a random inspection is not enough, CSSC’s endorsed service provider- PassageMaker-  will arrange for 100% inspection. Semi-finished goods or components can be shipped to their warehouse in China where inspection, final assembly and/or custom packaging is performed under a secure US-managed system but at local labor rates.

All buyers have concerns about their Asian supplier’s ability to achieve targets for quality, lead time and social, safety or regulatory compliance. PassageMaker clients have total visibility into the identity and pricing points of all entities in the supply chain.

Shipping Goods From ChinaShipping costs are reduced through freight consolidation and quality control issues are dealt with on-the-spot long before the item is shipped out of China. Warranty on workmanship provided and every project utilizes an industry-leading, bilingual, ISO compliant, “Product Quality Manual (PQM)” which defines in intimate detail the quality standards, inspection methods and the assembly process.

A transparent per unit fee is charged to perform inspection, assembly and/or packaging. This per-unit fee is based on a time study and calculated using a fully burdened, pre-agreed, fixed hourly rate.

Contact PassageMaker (www.PSSChina.com) to learn more and get started.

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